Best Places to Find Used iPhones for Sale

Best Places to Find Used iPhones for Sale


In the age of rapid technological advancement, owning the latest iPhone can be costly. Fortunately, the market for used iPhones is thriving, providing an affordable alternative for those who want to enjoy Apple’s cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank. But where exactly can you find reliable, high-quality used iPhones? This comprehensive guide covers the best places to find used iPhones for sale, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Why Buy a Used iPhone?

Before diving into where to buy, let’s explore why buying a used iPhone is a smart choice:

Cost Savings: Used iPhones are significantly cheaper than new ones, making high-end models more accessible.

Environmental Impact: Purchasing a used phone reduces electronic waste and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle.

Quality Assurance: Many used iPhones are in excellent condition, often with minimal wear and tear, and some even come with warranties.

Best Places to Find Used iPhones for Sale

Apple Certified Refurbished Store

Apple’s own Certified Refurbished Store is one of the safest and most reliable places to buy a used iPhone. These phones are refurbished by Apple, come with a one-year warranty, and include genuine Apple parts.


  • Apple-certified quality
  • One-year warranty
  • Genuine Apple parts

Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed offers a wide range of refurbished iPhones that come with a 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. This means you can return the phone within 90 days if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Extensive selection
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Trusted platform


Gazelle specializes in buying and selling used electronics, including iPhones. They offer a 30-day return policy and their devices go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure quality.


  • 30-day return policy
  • Rigorous inspection process
  • Competitive prices


Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace for buying and selling used tech, including iPhones. Every listing is reviewed by Swappa staff to ensure it meets quality standards, and there are no seller fees.


  • No seller fees
  • Listings reviewed for quality
  • Direct communication with sellers

Best Buy

Best Buy offers a selection of certified refurbished and pre-owned iPhones, often backed by warranties and their Geek Squad Protection plans.


  • Geek Squad Protection plans
  • Certified refurbished options
  • Reliable retailer


eBay is a popular platform for finding used iPhones. It offers a vast selection, and you can often find great deals. Just be sure to buy from reputable sellers with good ratings.


  • Wide selection
  • Potential for great deals
  • Buyer protection policies

Back Market

Back Market specializes in refurbished electronics, including iPhones. They offer a one-year warranty on their products and have a stringent refurbishment process.


  • One-year warranty
  • Stringent refurbishment process
  • Focus on sustainability


Craigslist can be a good option for finding local deals on used iPhones. However, it’s crucial to meet in a safe location and thoroughly inspect the phone before purchasing.


  • Local deals
  • Potential for negotiation
  • Immediate possession of the phone


OfferUp is a mobile app and website where people can buy and sell used items locally. It’s similar to Craigslist but with user profiles and ratings, adding a layer of security.


  • User profiles and ratings
  • Local transactions
  • Mobile app convenience

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another local option for buying used iPhones. It leverages your Facebook profile for added trust and allows you to see the seller’s profile and ratings.


  • Trust through Facebook profiles
  • Local deals
  • Direct communication with sellers

What to Look For When Buying a Used iPhone

Condition: Check the phone’s condition, including the screen, body, and buttons. Look for any signs of damage or wear.

Battery Health: The battery is crucial for performance. Aim for a battery health of at least 80%.

Warranty: Prefer devices that come with a warranty for added protection.

Storage Capacity: Ensure the phone has sufficient storage for your needs.

Compatibility: Verify that the phone is compatible with your carrier.

Return Policy: Choose sellers with a clear return policy in case the phone doesn’t meet your expectations.


Q: Are used iPhones reliable?
A: Yes, used iPhones from reputable sellers are reliable. Many undergo rigorous testing and come with warranties.

Q: Do used iPhones come with a warranty?
A: Many used iPhones, especially those from certified refurbished programs, come with warranties ranging from 90 days to one year.

Q: How can I check the battery health of a used iPhone?
A: You can check the battery health in the settings under “Battery” > “Battery Health.”

Q: Is it safe to buy a used iPhone online?
A: Yes, buying from reputable online platforms like Apple, Amazon, and Gazelle is safe. Always check the seller’s reviews and ratings.

Q: Can I use a used iPhone with any carrier?
A: Many used iPhones are unlocked and can be used with any carrier. Be sure to verify compatibility before purchasing.


Buying a used iPhone is a smart and eco-friendly choice that offers significant savings. Whether you choose to buy from Apple’s Certified Refurbished Store, Amazon Renewed, or another reputable platform, you can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality iPhone at a fraction of the cost. Just remember to check the condition, battery health, warranty, and compatibility to ensure you get the best deal.

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